The main gate of “Quinta do Pizão” opens onto a place that looks unique in space and time. Eight hectares, on the west bank of river Sousa, beginning by a small area of forest , going through a vineyard and ending into a vast area of fields at the river bank level. “Casa do Talhinho” stands half way between the forest and the fields.

In the second half of the seventeenth century Manuel Seabra de Miranda was the owner of this house. He was a notary who descended from a noble family “Machado e Miranda” and had many children. Bernardo Luís de Miranda Salgado was one of the most notable ones. He inherited the job of notary from his father and was awarded a Coat of Arms by King John V in 1724. He married with Maria Micaela Andrade Barbosa, from a nearby house called Casa do Pizão, which is situated only a few meters far from Casa do Talhinho. With this marriage the properties of these two houses were united into Quinta do Pizão. The couple decided to inhabit in Casa do Pizão which turned into the main house of this farm. The house was then rebuilt and a new and more luxurious part was constructed in order to match with the new social status of its owner. At that time, Casa do Talhinho into the granary and threshing floor of the farm.

Later on, in the nineteenth century, the prosperity of agriculture brought the need to enlarge the granary and a first floor, which is now the living room, was built. The following generations increased both their earnings and their patrimony and Casa do Pizão became the “mother house” of a group of farms situated in the nearby regions of Paredes and Penafiel. However, in the end of the twentieth century, with the local agriculture decline, the survival of this farm was only possible due to the effort and great union of the last generation “Machado e Miranda”.

In1985, one of their descendants, moved by a strong passion for country life and for this place, decided to rebuild “Casa do Talhinho” to spend the holidays there. Later on, the couple inherited Casa do Pizão and decided to rent Casa do Talhinho for holidays.